Ever since my childhood, two things have been crystal clear to me: first, I aspire to be my own boss, and second, I am determined to establish my own clothing brand. Achieving these goals hasn't been an easy journey, but I firmly believe in the transformative power of hard work in turning dreams into reality.

In 2022, PRIVATA by A was born—a fashion label designed for the modern woman's true wardrobe. Our ready-to-wear collections feature essential pieces, precision tailoring, and vibrant color palettes, all crafted from premium materials. Our mission is to empower women, helping them feel their absolute best. To achieve this, each collection offers limited pieces, ensuring exclusivity and individuality.

Every garment is meticulously handcrafted using quality fabrics and tailored for the perfect fit, flattering any body type and leaving you feeling timeless and unique.

"Fashion is made to inspire” – Ateret Taverne, Creative Director